San Marino

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Handedness of road traffic

San Marino is a right-hand traffic country.

Speed Limits

The general speed limits in San Marino are presented in the following table:[1]

General Speed limits in km/h (mph)
Type of vehicle Built-up areas Other roads Motorways[note 1]
Motor vehicles 50 (31) 70 (43) -


  1. There are no motorways in San Marino.


  1. Driver's license. You have to be at least 18 years old and a holder of full valid driving license in order to drive in San Marino. Driving licenses issued by any of the EU member states or the EEA are valid in San Marino, although it is not actually a member of the EU or EEA. Drivers in possession of a license issued outside EU should have an international driving permit (IDP).[2]
  2. Registration certificate.
  3. Certificate of Motor Insurance. In San Marino third party or above insurance and civil liability insurance are a requirement. An International Motor Insurance Card (Green Card) is required for non EU registered car's and would generally be a good option to be held by everyone.
  4. All foreign-registered vehicles in San Marino must display a nationality sticker at the rear.

Items required in cars or with motorcycles

Car drivers should carry an emergency warning triangle.

Winter conditions

You have to use snow chains when required by the relevant road sign, during wintry conditions of low traction.


There is no requirement to have the headlights on during daylight.

Filling stations

There are both attended and self service fuel station in Italy. In most of the smaller stations the attendant pumps the fuel for you. Self service stations have pay at the pump systems where you can pay in cash or by using a debit / credit card.

Fuel types

  1. Unleaded petrol / gasoline (Italian: Benzina senza piombo / Benzina verde)
    Petrol is commonly called at the pump Super or Senza Pb or Benzina when it has an octane rating of 95 RON and is the only compulsory type offered in all stations. A few stations like Eni and IES offer 98 RON petrol as the premium type
  2. Diesel. In San Marino it is also called Gasolio.
  3. LPG. It is called GPL in San Marino.

Fuel prices

Locations of fuel stations and real time prices of fuel in San Marino are available by Prezzi Benzina also available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Electric vehicle chargers

A list of available chargers for electric cars and PHEVs in San Marino is accessible at, also available for Andorid and iOS

Road user charges

There isn't any charge for vehicles in the form of tolls or toll stickers.

Urban Access Regulations

There are no restrictions of any nature regarding the traffic of vehicles in San Marino.


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